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Welcome to Midwest F.A.S.T. Structures!

Our fabric-covered steel truss buildings are a low cost solution to your storage or work space needs. We manufacture and install all of the buildings we sell with our own construction crews and we provide our own concrete walls and floors. F.A.S.T. structures are easy to maintain and their non-stick coating on the fabric allows for natural lighting in the building. This type of fabric creates the feeling of being outdoors, while still being protected from the elements, as well as providing you with higher air quality, keeping maintenance costs lower, and puts lighting expenses at a minimum.


Midwest FAST Structures introduces their new 20′ tall precast concrete walls used for high capacity storage. This newest building is 132′ wide and 280′ long with 20′ tall precast concrete walls. The inside divider walls are also 20′ tall, making three compartments. Five doors make easy access to all compartments. These storage buildings can be used for storing bulk commodities, fertilizer, grains, manure, etc.  When the building is completely full of grain it holds one million bushels.

Personalized to fit your storage needs.

Unlike steel or wooden buildings F.A.S.T. Structures maximize the amount of useable space within the building. They are fast, affordable, and can meet all of your short term and long term storage needs. These buildings are extremely low cost per square foot of storage space and the possibilities for these structures are endless.

Proven technology for long life.

Our trusses are engineered for heavy snows and wind loads, they come in 24 feet wide and up to 200 feet wide and any length within 10 foot increments.
At Midwest F.A.S.T. Structures we also offer insulated buildings with heated floors for farm shops or commercial buildings.

15 year warranty on fabric.

We offer special grain, fertilizer and manure storage packages with epoxy coated steel trusses. At Midwest F.A.S.T. Structures we also specialize in concrete walls (poured and precast), floors, tunnels, foundations, and unloading pits.

We have built numerous buildings throughout the Midwest, ask for locations near you.

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